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The Ocelot™ Nano

TendoNova is developing a suite of specialized tools for minimally invasive orthopedic procedures that can be performed under ultrasound guidance in the physician’s office.

While there are percutaneous tenotomy devices currently available on the market, a safe and innovative approach that is economically practical for the current healthcare system is needed to better manage tendinopathy and provide targeted treatment to assist in recovery and return to activity.

The Ocelot Nano is an innovative, portable, handheld, battery-powered device that consists of a reusable drive unit, a charging station, a sterile disposable unit that houses the cutting tool assembly, and an optional tablet/mobile application that displays real-time performance data.

Targeted treatment at the source of tendon pain

The Ocelot Nano functions by rapidly oscillating a stainless-steel franseen cutter to mechanically debride and fragment soft tissue.

This procedure breaks up scar tissue in the tendon, increasing blood flow and releasing growth factors. 

Controlled fragmentation and debridement of the tendon has been used to promote proper healing and tendon remodeling.

Fragmentation and debridement induces pro-inflammatory markers (eg, macrophages, neutrophils, and cytokines) activating the start of upregulation.

Once fragmentation and debridement are complete, it has been found that the tendon will begin to repair and remodel in a healthy, organized state.


Watch Ocelot Nano procedures

Elbow procedure performed by Dr. Kenneth Mautner

Knee procedure performed at the Emory Sports Medicine Center

Ocelot Nano features and benefits

Safe and Easy to use

  • Targeted precise treatment, ultrasound guidance, and innovative technology improve patient outcomes.
  • Ease of use of the device enables clinicians of any experience level to provide optimal care.
  • Utilizing the Ocelot device is a minimally invasive procedure when compared to open surgery, with the potential for decreased risk of infection and a shorter recovery time.

Decreased cost of care

  • The Ocelot Nano is a cost-effective and accessible device in a variety of medical settings, with a reusable drive unit and charging station, and a sterile disposable unit that houses the cutting tool assembly.
  • Tenotomy can be performed in the outpatient setting and is less expensive than alternative procedures that require an operating room or an ambulatory surgical suite.

Improved patient experience

  • Time and cost are decreased as the procedure can be performed in the office.
  • Patients experience fewer complications with local anesthesia rather than systemic anesthesia and a micro-invasive procedure rather than open surgery.
  • The Ocelot Nano provides greater treatment precision than existing tools, and requires less movement within the tendon to facilitate effect.
  • With the Ocelot Nano, the needle can be separated from the cannula, leaving the cannula in place. Without removing the cannula and inserting another piece of equipment, a port is created safely, allowing for the targeted delivery of biologic agents (eg, platelet-rich plasma) post procedure.

Improved physician experience

  • The Ocelot Nano device is handheld and cordless, which minimizes the amount of equipment, cords, and tubes surrounding the provider, creating a safer workspace.
  • While using the Ocelot with the optional tablet, objective measurements and performance data  are sent to the mobile/device application.
  • Ultrasound image guidance allows clinicians to target damaged tissue.
  • The Ocelot Nano is an economical tool for fragmentation and  debridement of soft tissue. 

Applications of Tenotomy

Ocelot App - COMING SOON

While using the Ocelot Nano device, data can be sent to a mobile/device application. This data shows real-time device operation information – the force needed to puncture the tissue with each pass of the device; over time, with each pass, the force decreases as the tendon tissue is debrided.

  • Track total treatment time with the device
  • Identify the initial and final variance to determine the difference after treatment
  • Data graphs are provided in real-time to enable targeted treatment