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30 million Americans have chronic tendon pain

Tendinopathy is a type of overuse injury, where the tendon is repeatedly strained until tiny tears form — most commonly involving the rotator cuff, medial and lateral elbow epicondyles, patellar tendon, and Achilles tendon.


The Ocelot™ Nano


Safe, effective microinvasive tool designed to help a doctor perform percutaneous tenotomy

The Ocelot Nano is indicated for fragmentation and debridement of soft tissue.  It can be used in percutaneous tenotomy to help disrupt scar tissue associated with tendinopathy. The idea is to reinjure the diseased  tendon using a powered cutting tip so the tendon can restart the healing process and heal properly. It’s less expensive and less invasive than alternative procedures and can be performed in an ambulatory surgical center, hospital or physician office.


“After 15 years of treating elite and recreational athletes for tendinopathy, I have been frustrated by the tools we have had to help heal these injuries. TendoNova’s Ocelot Nano is a game changer in getting our athletes back to the healthiest level possible.”

Kenneth Mautner, MD

Head Team Physician of Atlanta Hawks and
Assoc. Professor Physiatry at Emory University School of Medicine

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“We believe investments in companies such as TendoNova are a crucial part of the NFLPA’s mission to improve the health, safety and well-being of players both on and off the field. TendoNova’s Ocelot Nano will help players from all levels of the game overcome nagging injuries so they don’t become lifelong problems.”

Sean Sansiveri

Oversees the NFLPA’s health, safety and medical research initiatives

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